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父母 & 家庭

Are you a parent who’s looking ahead to your child’s college years? Or just about to face the first tuition bill? Here are some resources to help parents save for college, learn about financial aid, 了解大学教育的价值,完成申请流程.

The Value of a College Education

There are many benefits that stem from a college education, most of which justify the expenses to obtain a degree. According to statistical data from the U.S. 人口普查局 people with bachelor’s degrees earn nearly 2.1 million USD, associate’s degrees nearly 1.6 million USD, and high school diplomas nearly 1.2 million USD in the course of their careers. In sheer monetary terms, 拥有学士学位的大学毕业生预计收入几乎是大学辍学生的两倍.

大学学位的好处不仅限于经济上的收益. Society benefits from higher education. Some of these benefits include improved health and longevity, 增加当地, state and federal tax revenue, lower unemployment, increased community involvement, the opportunity to switch or retain a job, the ability to relocate based on lifestyle or geographical preferences, and more time for recreational activities.

然而,大学教育并不是社会向上流动的唯一途径, it is certainly an avenue for students to realize their lifelong goals.

Student Aid and 奖学金 Policy

作为一所公立大学,pg电子从国家获得的支持有限. An outstanding academic experience for our students comes at a cost, pg电子官网也认识到,并非所有希望入学的人都能负担得起苏大的学费.

pg电子官网鼓励学生和家长为这项重要的投资制定一个财务计划, 并确定双方愿意承担的教育贷款债务水平. 学生援助, including education loans, can help defray some costs, 但是学生和家长有支付教育费用的主要责任. 请记住,录取通知书并不是奖学金的保证

Information about Your Student's Eligibility

用于学生经济援助目的的令人满意的学业进展(SAP)要求学生必须在给定的时间内以特定的GPA成功完成特定数量的学分. 尽管家庭教育权利和隐私法案(FERPA)保密政策不允许pg电子官网在没有学生书面同意的情况下向您发布特定的学术相关信息, pg电子官网鼓励您了解一般意义上的学生援助学业进展标准,并了解您的学生作为联邦学生援助接受者的权利和责任.

How Dropping or Withdrawing Can Affect Your Student Financial Aid

Tips to Manage Your Financial Aid

  • 提前计划: Minimize your financial risk by selecting classes carefully, 平衡你最困难的课程和其他课程以及家庭和工作需求.
  • Understand the Rules for Your Award: 回顾经济援助政策,了解你需要什么来保持你的资格并保持你的经济援助.
  • Know the Consequences: 确保你了解如果你放弃、退出或未能完成课程将会发生什么. A financial aid counselor can help determine your financial liability.
  • Consider Your Options Before You Drop or Withdraw: 和教你这门课的老师谈谈,看看你能做些什么来完成这门课. Make sure you have explored all options for assistance.

Special Circumstances

学生及其家庭可能会面临这样的情况:原始申请信息不能准确反映他们目前的情况和支付大学学费的能力. When students apply for financial aid, 联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA)上的财务数据元素反映了学生及其父母上一年的收入, as reported on their federal income tax.

FAFSA被认为是提交之日家庭财务状况的“快照”. 预期家庭贡献(EFC)是根据联邦公式计算的,该公式使用家庭和财务信息来确定学生/或家庭的经济实力. EFC代表学生及其家庭经济资源中可以合理预期用于支付大学学费的部分.

如果您或您的家庭目前的收入情况与FAFSA报告的信息不同, 请与pg电子官网的办公室联系,了解更多关于您是否有资格获得特殊情况考虑的信息.